Top 10 Reasons You Might Not Want To Be a Christian- #7 The Bible is too confusing.

by Ryan Chastain on March 9, 2013

Top 10 Reasons you Might Not Want to Be a Christian- And Why Millions of People Would Disagree!  Reason #7- The Bible is too confusing.

Hi Friends,

Ryan Chastain here with another reason why you might not want to be a Christian.  And this week are going to talk about a subject that I know we can all relate to…

…books that can be difficult to read.

Because I know that at some point in our lives, we have all picked up a book… whether for class or for pleasure, and decided it was too difficult.

And so we either had to get some help.  Or we simply moved on…

And so I know the Bible can seem a little intimidated sometimes…

…but let’s just break it down into manageable pieces so it all makes sense.

  1. 1.     The Old Testament is not just a bunch of lists and rules like many people think.

I used to think that personally.  And then I read the whole thing all the way through in two weeks for Seminary School.  It was truly an eye opening experience to say the least.

Because while the Old Testament does have many rules and lists of things that were important back then, a lot of them simply don’t apply to us, and are less relevant than might you think.  For example, the average Christian does not really need to know the length and width of altars, and the different ways things were set up back then.  Don’t worry about that…

That was then, and this is now.

What you do need to know is that:

  • God delivered his people, the Israelites, out of extreme conditions in the most dramatic fashion to their new home in the Promised Land.  That He loved them deeply.  And that it was a miracle.
  • Do you like action, adventure, and drama in your books or movies?  Well then you’re in the right place…


…because the Old Testament has got that and so much more. With detailed accounts of how God worked with them through extremely difficult conditions, we are able to see how He can help us too.


And it can be truly inspirational to say the least.


  1. 2.     The Bible had many authors so it is too hard to follow.

This is true.  The Bible does have many authors.  But that is actually part of what makes it such an amazing book.  And what can make it speak directly to each one of us.

You’ve got one guy writing about one thing that he was passionate about…while another spoke about something else.

You’ve got a doctor’s thoughts here, and a then a fisherman’s there.  All in one place…and then put together over thousands of years.

It is actually a miracle in itself that it even exists as it does.  And it is truly a testament to God’s love for us.  And His desire to help us make our lives better.

Because quite simply…

  1. The Bible is a Guide

It is not meant to be taken literally word for word (though some people think so).

It is meant to be used more generally used to give direction and guidance.

Life is too difficult to break down every nut and bolt of the Bible.  Scholars and theologians have spent their whole lives doing just that…and don’t get me wrong.  We need people like that to help us understand.

But most likely that is not you.

What you can do is:

  • Simply join a good Bible based church.
  • Get into a small group that is studying God’s Word.
  • Open Your Mind.
  • And let it speak to you.

I can promise you (and I know through personal experience) that it can speak to you in the most personal way.

I can’t tell you how many times I have simply picked up the Bible, and opened to a page that jumped out and spoke to me about something important I had going on.

And millions of other Christians will tell you the same. 

So give a try this week.  Try reading the Bible for just a few minutes each day and see how it speaks to you.

It could change your life.  And it can take you places you’ve only dreamed!

In Christ our Loving Savior,

Ryan Chastain

P.S.  Please remember there are lots of resources to help you understand the Bible.  Our Bible Basics Section can help you get started.  Then there are helpful books.  Helpful websites. (Christian Forums is a good one to ask questions) And then millions of Christians are standing by share what they know.

But you need to take the first step.  Make the decision to learn more starting today!

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