How Jesus Gave His Life

Hi Folks,

It’s Ryan here. And today we’re going to continue what we’ve been talking about with the life of Jesus.  And man, are you in for a wild ride today.  Because this is where it all heats up…

But before we get started, I just wanted to remind you of one thing…

Remember that movie Gladiator we were talking about before.  Russell Crowe battling against the evil Roman dictator Commodus.  Swords swinging.  Lions roaring.  Goosebumps going with the intensity of it all?

O.k.  So now take that same feeling and apply it to the next part of our story.  Because the end of Jesus life was a whole lot like the movie Gladiator too.

Let me explain…

See Jesus had been out talking to folks about the things we discussed previously.

Things like:

  • Being kind to your neighbor
  • Loving Each Other
  • Loving God
  • Helping one another
  • Not to lie, cheat, or steal
  • Clean Living
  • Healthy relationships
  • And more…


Concrete ways we can all change our lives for the better that you would think everyone would want to know.

I mean, wouldn’t you be open to hearing from somebody with solid ideas on how you could improve your life starting today?

Well me too.  And you actually can also.  Right now by simply learning more about Jesus.

Simply open your heart and:

  • Read the Bible each day
  • Listen to Christian music
  • Go to church
  • Talk to Christian friends
  • Or anything else that might allow Jesus to talk to you.

And I promise it will be good thing for you.

But here’s the crazy part…

Some people actually got mad!

Wild huh?  I mean here’s Jesus just trying to help and give people some solid advice. Let’s forget about the fact that:

  • He’s healing people left and right,
  • Bringing them back from the dead,
  • And other more super intense stuff.

But these guys get mad.

So mad they start freaking out and raising all kinds of commotion to get rid of Jesus.

See what was actually going on was that Jesus was telling it straight from the Lord.  And not following the rules these priests had been coming up with for years.

And so they started getting defensive…

It would be like if you walked into your school or company and started telling folks how to run things because you thought you were special.  Which you are…


Some people might get upset right?

Well, these guys got really upset.  And threw a fit.

  1. First they just hoped He would go away.
  2. And so they kept bothering and pestering Him to leave and stop what he was doing.
  3. And then, when He wouldn’t leave or stop; they decided he really had to go.
  4. And that Rome should kill him.

Crazy right?

  • Did He break any real laws or anything?   No
  • Did He hurt anybody?  No.  The opposite actually.  He healed them.
  • Did he break out of the norm with some unconventional wisdom for the time period?  Yes. But that should (and could) have been a good thing.

So they went to one of the local leaders, Pilate, and asked him to kill Jesus.  The guy was totally not comfortable with it.  And tried everything he could to fix them problem.  Even giving them numerous opportunities to change their minds.

But they didn’t…

They insisted the Romans brutally torture and kill Him like a common criminal.  Hanging Him from a cross.

And so then it happened.

  1. They prodded and harassed Him until finally the sky turned dark light like it was night
  2. There was a loud crashing sound
  3. The curtains split straight down the middle in the Temple
  4. And Jesus was dead.

But that’s not all…

Because then he came back to life!  After wrapping him up and rolling a huge stone to close off His grave site.

He was not just pronounced dead and buried.  He was dead and buried.

Three days went by…

And then he was gone!  The Grave was empty with no sign of Him.

  • And then He showed back up!
  • Proved to them He was alive by talking with His friends.  (He even showed them His hand with holes from the nails- See Friends of Jesus-Doubting Thomas)
  • Hung out to make sure everything was set for what came next.
  • And then left to be with His REAL Dad in Heaven.

So I told you didn’t I?  Some crazy stuff right…

But here’s the craziest part of all.  Because though painful and gruesome for Jesus.  This was actually a good thing for us. 

Because He did it for us.  For you and me and the rest of all of humanity.  And you need to really get this part to understand and become a Christian.  So I have written another whole section to explain it. Please check out Why Jesus Did It next to learn more. 

It’s the nuts and bolts of what makes Christianity special.  And the reason we have Eternal Life in Heaven.

And why being a Christian can:

  • Free your soul
  • Change your life
  • Give you peace
  • While giving you purpose

So please continue to the section Why Jesus Did It to learn more.  I know in my heart you need to hear this…

It can change your life in a moment.  Just open you own heart to receive it today.

And once again please let me know if you have any questions or I can help.  I am here to help in whatever way I can…

In Christ Our Strong Redeemer,


P.S. If you have ever worried about what happens to you when you die, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS the next section on Why Jesus Did It.  Please check it out today!

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